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Tone the Tush!

As one of my all time favorite Female Fitness Models quotes... "God has definitely given me a butt, always had one. But it's all muscle, and that's where my training comes in." But, (no pun intended) Amanda Latona puts big round booties everywhere to shame. We can't all have perfectly shaped and tightly lifted glutes, but by God we can all try!!

The three exercises I show in this video are compound movements that primarily target the glutes, quads and hamstrings, though they will also engage secondary muscle groups as well to ensure a great lower body workout.

The curtsy lunge helps tone the hips and thighs while the addition of the sumo squat assists in lifting and building the glutes. You may have been told that there is no such thing as a "spot treatment" in your workout. The beauty of this compound is that it hits multiple muscles below the waist, guaranteeing results. Sure you can complete these techniques seperately, but why? Save time and add a little extra intensity by using them together! This is a must-have in your glute-day arsenal! What's even better about this particular combo is that it can be done anywhere, with or without weights and you will still get a great burn from it. Oh... and for a little something extra in the endurance department... I particularly enjoy using this combo as a walking lunge.

Second combo. "What the hell is the point in doing THAT?" you might be asking. Well, try it. Right now. Try it. You will understand. Lunges and squats are the obvious answer to flat, flabby, or sagging rear-ends. By including the up and down climbing motion, you are forcing your squat to drop deeper, triggering the lower part of the gluteus maximus, and the upper part of the hamstrings, thus lifting the booty! Warning for people with bad knees: try this without the weights first!

Last but not least... A twisting motion for the abs and a reverse lunge for the tush, because who wants a round butt with a matching round belly? I love twisting motions for my abs, but thats a discussion for another day. Lets focus on what this exercise does to the backside. Though a reverse lunge targets the same muscles as a forward lunge, by stepping backward it actually puts less strain on your knee joints, plus it helps with stability. Another thing to consider is the variety. If you always move forward with your lunges, why not try the other direction? Keeping your muscles guessing is a key factor in engaging them. Now add the knee lift to incorporate the hips and calves. As previously stated, there is no such thing as a spot treatment, so be sure to work ALL the leg muscles if you want your glutes to firm up! Aside from the core work that the twist/reverse lunge offers, this is a great technique for balance and hits all the muscles of the lower body while minimally impacting the joints!

Now get that butt in gear and start shaping it! Enjoy!

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