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Train Mean

As a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, I have assisted hundreds of clients in reaching their health and fitness goals by way of personal training and group exercise. As a certified efficiency expert, I have taught clients the importance of organizational and time management skills to improve the efficiency of every day tasks. The benefits of combining these two specialties are endless and provide a "no excuses" atmosphere for every client.

My background is diverse and my focus on your success is explicit. Each personal training session is tailored to suit your personal needs. This is no cookie cutter training package! You will continue to progress towards your goals as I assist you in breaking down any physical or mental barriers that come our way. From fibromyalgia and spina bifida to junior olympians training for sport, I have worked with people of all walks of life. I have encouraged them to push harder than they ever imagined they could. I have proudly watched them shatter their goals and then continue to push even further. 

Group fitness is another way to get a great training session in. Small and large groups can enjoy this setting and the classes can be formatted to meet the needs of the group or facility! 

Aside from fitness, I specialize in female self defense. In this women-only course, students will learn information regarding rape and violence statistics, the psychology of attackers, preventative measures, and protective techniques. The class is broken down into a lecture section and a technique section. Techniques will cover proper defensive stance, strikes, breaking holds and grabs, and ground defense.

Whether you are looking for private one-on-one training, small group sessions, group fitness, or corporate programs, I am the trainer for you. 
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