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Hi there! 

My name is Amanda, and I am the founder of Clean Mean Green Lifestyle Management has been years in the making and is ever improving to keep up with today's health trends and discoveries. Here is my story...

In 2006, I was diagnosed with migraine disease. Fresh out of college, I was dealing with job hunting, continuing education, and moving back home with my family after four glorious years of freedom in the mountainous hippy town of New Paltz, NY. The neurologist who diagnosed me said that my lifestyle was very stressful and it was the "obvious reason" for my excruciating and nauseating headaches. He put me on pain killers and anti-anxiety medications. I took them religiously, and convinced myself they were the key to my health. In fall of 2006 I began working in a pharmacy and thought I had everything figured out. (At 21 years old, don't we all think that at least once?) Fast forward a couple years...

I was put on an anti-seizure medication in hopes that it would prevent my migraines. The side effects were making me more sick than the migraines themselves. I was a mess. My coworkers and customers did not recognize me as I was losing an extreme amount of weight in a very small amount of time. My neurologist retired and a newer, younger version took his place. He needed to learn my case. The moment I walked him through my history, it was as if everything became clear to me. My migraines started in 2005, less than 3 months after starting the birth control pill. I went to my manager, the head pharmacist, and explained that I wanted to cease all medications. Birth control was the first to go. She called my doctor and he insisted that this was a horrible idea. She helped me anyway. For that, I am forever grateful. By January 2010, I was off all medication and promised myself that I would never take another pill for the rest of my life.


I began working for a vitamin and supplement company. As I was no longer on pain killers, the symptoms of my migraines were amplified. Calling in sick was not an option, so I had to push through. The first month was the hardest until a coworker shared her secret with me... peppermint essential oil on my temples and the back of my neck. I was skeptical but I tried it, and the relief was immediate. I was hooked on essential oils. I learned what I could about aromatherapy and quit working in the pharmacy shortly after, as it no longer matched my vision of healthcare. 

In 2011 I became a certified female self defense instructor after taking courses for a year. I adored the material and felt empowered, so clearly I wanted to share that feeling with others! I offered my class in gyms, and was asked to become a group fitness instructor. I got certified in the one group fitness class that I loved... kettlebell. This was the start of my journey as a fitness coach. From there, I was teaching in gyms and on my own - kettlebell, bootcamp, barre, kickboxing, and of course, self defense. I was hooked on the lifestyle of helping others and was more motivated than ever to live my healthiest and most fit life.

In 2012 was my first hypothyroid diagnosis. I was getting heart palpitations and after a visit to my doctor, I was told my thyroid was underactive. The connection was not recognized, and since my levels were only "slightly outside the normal range", it was dismissed. Plus, I expressed my feelings about medication to my doctor, and while he felt I should give Synthroid (a synthetic thyroid hormone supplement) a try, I refused any pharmaceutical intervention. I was sent to a cardiologist who diagnosed me with vasovagal syncope (or neurocardiogenic syncope); a condition in which my blood pools in my feet and does not have the power to pump back to my heart and brain, causing fainting spells and palpitations. I continued my fitness lifestyle with caution, as I had to increase sodium intake and replenish my electrolytes regularly to avoid fainting. In 2013 I became a certified nutrition coach and used my knowledge of  nutrition and supplements to maximize my workouts, improve my physique, and better my overall health. I managed my condition and my symptoms diminished. Until 2015.

I was a newlywed. We decided to have a baby... woohoo! We were scared and nervous, but beyond excited to expand our family. It didn't happen that first month...or the next... or even a few months after that. It didn't bother me but after six months of slow but steady weight gain and a fatigue that wouldn't quit, I saw a doctor. I had Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism. Again, I was prescribed Synthroid, which I devoutly refused. I sought the help of several specialists to address my infertility, and finally met a prescriber in 2017 who fit my lifestyle. I explained my situation: I couldn't get pregnant... Plus, I was up 30 pounds since my 2015 wedding and the weight wouldn't budge. I was in a depression and I was always exhausted. I tried to exercise but had no energy nor motivation, despite the fact that I am a trainer. Nothing I did helped. She suggested porcine hormone to address the obvious thyroid disease. I agreed, and testing proved it was working for me. Until 6 months later, it stopped. That is when she suggested the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). I began AIP in June, 2018 and after 3 months, I had lost 20 stubborn pounds and my thyroid was functioning perfectly!! The AIP diet healed me from the inside, out. I added AIP to my client toolbox and enjoy discussing the diet and it's benefits to friends, family, and clients alike. Though we are still trying for Baby Reyes, my new found health has allowed me to live a life I love again. 

I am ready and excited to share my expertise with the world! My services are offered across the United States and I am located in Knoxville, TN, for local services! My story will be shared on my blog and through social media outlets, so please be sure to subscribe to my site and follow me on social media to stay up to date on services, products, deals, and...hopefully...

a baby announcement some day 

With love,


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