Fight Through Your Cardio!

Walk, jog, sprint, jump-rope, jumping jacks... the list of go-to cardio options is never ending, but have you considered boxing as a cardiovascular exercise?

Though I always suggest strength training in your journey to weight loss, it goes without saying that cardio is an absolute must-have to shed fat fast. There are multiple methods to incorporating cardio in your weekly workout routine. Taking a walk outside; running on a treadmill; HIIT plyometrics... these all make the cut but what about a little contact sport? In my own personal weight loss journey, I found boxing (with a heavy bag and focus mitts) to prove most beneficial in giving me the athletic, toned look I desired. My results spoke volumes and I have since been a huge advocate for boxing. Not only do I feel more powerful when I participate in a boxing session, the changes in my physique got a lot of attention as well!

Professional boxing differs from boxing for weight loss. When practicing professional boxing, such as for sport or self defense, form and power as well as target accuracy is the priority. However, when dabbling in cardio boxing or cardio kickboxing, the goal is speed and continuous motion to maintain an elevated heart rate. There are many forms of boxing and kickboxing that include shadow boxing (boxing without resistance or contact), heavy bag boxing (for power and strength) a