Baby It's Cold Outside!

"I registered for a half-marathon lottery! It's only $5 to enter and if you get selected, you're in the NYC half!" These were words of inspiration back in October... now, not so much! 4 months ago a friend suggested I sign up for this half marathon lottery. I did, and I got accepted. Awesome!! NOT. With this being my first true experience training for a run, I was nervous about training in the winter so I started slow and steady. I was no stranger to running, but a bum knee and a busy schedule kept me from spending too much time training. The weather turned just as I had gotten up to 10 miles. Granted, those 10 miles were pretty much at a snail's pace but I didn't care. It was the distance... the endurance I needed to complete those 10 miles would certainly carry me through 13, regardless of how many people passed me in the process.

The past several days were in sub-zero temperatures with threats of frostbite. I had to put training on hold, and believe me when I say I was fine with that! This moning, with the sun shining and the thermometer reading 22 degrees, I threw on my cold-weather gear and my running sneakers.

A brief look into my thought process during this jog: