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Personal Training

One-on-one, personalized sessions will be catered to suit your needs. At your initial consult, we will discuss your current health status and abilities along with your goals. We will then design a program that will allow you to achieve and maintain your desired results. Training sessions can be held in person, through FaceTime / Skype or via email, though in-person is most beneficial for those located near Knoxville, TN. Packages vary on a case by case basis but results can typically be seen with 3 months of consistent partnership. This option is best for individuals who wish to see optimal results through a strategic program.

Corporate Fitness

If your company has the space, I have the equipment! Group fitness can be exciting in the workplace, especially around that midday slump. Do your associates need a morale boost or a second wind? Try lunchtime workouts. Can't make it to the gym before or after work? Try morning or evening sessions! From mild stretching / core work to more intense boot camp style sessions, I will design a class that your employees will love in any allotted time!

Group Fitness

From barre to boot camp, I have taught all sorts of fitness classes at many gyms. If you have a gym or studio and would like to expand your class options and group fitness schedule, I am here to help. My background includes kettlebell, boot camp, kickboxing, MMA, barre, strength training, and core. Or, if you have a group of people who are interested in participating in any outdoor fitness class, we will select a location and I will design an appropriate program!

Small Group Training

A combination of personal training and group fitness, small group training is best for family fitness or couples training. If you have a group of 2 to 5 people who are looking for buddy workouts, this is the package for you. 

Female Self Defense

This training program is focused on women's empowerment and is offered as both one-on-one training as well as group lessons. Regardless of the atmosphere, the material remains the same... females will learn the art of self defense along with tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. As some of the content may be sensitive to some participants, the course can be modified when needed. This course can be held in the privacy of one's home, in a school, or at a corporate facility.

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