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Live Green

We've all heard the term "green lifestyle". So, what exactly does it mean to live green? A "green" lifestyle is one that helps to conserve Earth's natural resources and habitats by reducing our carbon footprint. Mother Earth is threatened daily by way of pollution, and we as her inhabitants have an obligation to protect her. This can be achieved through adjusting our modes of transportation, making more conscientious dietary decisions, and engaging in a toxin-free lifestyle. 
My personal opinion on what is green living is leading an eco-friendly lifestyle in which you thrive on alternative norms.
This includes living in chemical-free households, improving the environment with gardens and litter removal, practicing alternative healing methods, and continuing to follow the typical and most common "reduce-reuse-recycle" tactics. 
Clean Mean Green Lifestyle Management is expected to be your one-stop-shop for all things health and wellness. The issue most people have is not knowing where to start. A clean green lifestyle does not have to feel like work... it should be fun, uplifting and enlightening. Living green is a superbly beneficial method of attaining optimal mental health. By adapting natural health practices; including but not limited to meditation, herbalism, aromatherapy, and crystal healing; one will improve their emotional and spiritual well being. By coupling that with time management and organizational assistance, stress can become non-existent.
If you are an open minded individual, ready to live a green lifestyle, I have the tools for you. 
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