Obliterate your Obliques!

The "V". We all want it. We all think we are doing exactly what we have to do to attain it. I've had it. One day, a long, long time ago in what feels like a far away land... I had the V. It was perfect. And then... almost overnight, it wasn't. Waahhh!!! So now I am back at square one. I suppose my wedding weekend and 10 day Costa Rican honeymoon (with all the delicious Costa Rican cuisine... YUM... take me back!!!) back in September can take partial blame since all I did was stuff my face. (You DO know that 'abs are made in the kitchen'... RIGHT??) So, like I said, back at square one.

The three moves I show in this video were always super effective in toning my obliques. I find that by adding the resistance, it allows me to tighten the muscles while giving that slight, sexy "cut" look. Don't get me wrong, body weight ab and oblique exercises are no joke, but these techniques go above and beyond at providing success!

Lets start with cable pull downs. If you want to target the abdominal muscles and not completely focus on the obliques, use both arms together and pull straight down. In this video though, remember I am focusing solely on obliques so I am using one arm, and pulling down at an angle. I won't make any specific weight recommendations, however I will say to use whateve