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Total Upper Body Workout!

Let's face it... we all want shapely shoulders a nice toned back! Incorporate these techniques into your routine for a defined physique!

For this sequence, I warmed up with some kettlebell swings. I went with a heavier bell for my swings than I used for the other techniques shown in the video... that was my personal preference and is certainly not necessary to complete the rounds. Remember when swinging the bell, ALWAYS USE YOUR HIPS! When it comes to swings I do not count reps. I swing until muscle failure and the number of sets vary as well. I may throw some swings into a routine in the beginning, middle and end, or I may just do one extended set somewhere along the way.

Next, I used dumbbells for a combo technique. 3 sets of rows and reverse flies, 12 reps per set. I performed these as a superset with another kettlebell technique, the clean & press (10-15 reps each set).

The next superset I performed was a push-up / row combo (3 sets of 8 reps), followed by a kettlebell halo / press combo (3 sets of 8 reps in each direction). Performing these exercises back to back was intense, and may be intimidating for a beginner. For safety and comfort, go with a lighter weight for this sequence or simply perform them separately, rather than as a superset!

As always, techniques can be modified to suit your needs. If you would like tips or assistance on how to perform these exercises properly, feel free to contact me!


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