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Time Management

Alternative Healing

Life can become overwhelming at times. Even the most disciplined athlete using the best fitness and nutrition programs can find that they are not achieving sustainable results. Why? Because... Life Happens!!


It is well known that "consistency is key". However, when your schedule fluctuates and your daily tasks become too large or frequent, it is difficult to accomodate a consistent wellness program. A hectic schedule can also cause a multitude of unwanted symptoms such as stress and fatigue, neither of which are suitable for a healthy lifestyle!

Find relief through time management coaching and become a more efficient and productive individual!

Organizational Coaching

As a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and former Process Improvement Leader for a Global Wellness company, I am passionate about finding the most efficient and appropriate way to organize my personal and professional spaces. By using my services as an efficiency expert, you will learn the importance of organization in attaining your objectives and increasing your productivity. A clean and properly designed space is key to a stress free environment.

As a current student of the Holistic Arts Institute, studying to become a Natural Health Consultant is the most exciting part of my day. Holistic Health Practitioners learn how to straddle the line between Eastern and Western medicine, which means we get the best of both worlds. While we feel conventional medicine most certainly serves a purpose, we are acutely aware of our other options. We attempt natural practices before we resort to conventional doctors.

The natural practices I focus on in my alternative healing sessions include meditation, herbalism, aromatherapy, and chakra balancing through muscle testing and healing crystals. Healing methods and number of sessions required for ultimate healing can only be determined after an initial consult.

Furthermore, as these services are required for me to graduate as a HHP in Natural Health Consulting, I offer these services at highly discounted rates when the patient allows me to use their healing experiences in my practicums. 

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