The combination of turquoise and hematite stimulates tranquility and peace, promotes prosperity, luck and fortune, and is soothing, calming and grounding.



Materials: 8mm beads (hematite), turquoise spacers, turquoise dyed wooden guru


Turquoise and Hematite Bracelet

  • We pride ourselves on creating unique pieces made of authentic gemstones. We search for the highest quality materials to provide you with a product that will not only look beautiful but will also offer you genuine physical, emotional and spiritual healing properties. 


    Our products are strung by hand and follow traditional patterns unless otherwise noted. They may or may not include separator beads between the healing gemstones. This is by design, not only for aesthetics, but also to assist in counting your stones during prayer or meditation.


    Due to the nature of each stone, natural variation in each bead is inevitable. We cannot guarantee exact colors or patterns, but rest assured you are purchasing genuine gemstones when you order from us! Decorative markers, pendants and tassels may be available only once.